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In addition of luxury objects, the museum presents a unique collection of objects used by the sisters in their everyday life. Whether for the kitchen, the bedrooms – nammed cells – the refectory, laundry care, agricultural work, nursing or learning the novice, these small items can help the visitors to understand the lives of these women. As they can not go out from the cloister, they have to organise themselves to treat their patients, to elevate domestic animals, to make their own clothes or shoes (in only three sizes available: small, medium and large).

The nuns also used manufactured goods from the outside world, by adapting them, and give them a new life.

Some are kept as relics because they have been used or worn by their holy founders, by the first Mothers of the institute, a few famous characters or saints. This has allowed these objects and clothes to cross intact the centuries, when they disappeared in the civil society.