Sacred silks! (Sacrées soieries !)

Sacred silks! (Sacrées soieries !)

Sacrées Soieries
Etoffes précieuses à la Visitation

Musée de la Visitation / Somogy Editions d’Art

may 2012

The museum of the Visitation reveals its outstanding collection of silk. This is a unique collection in France, which shows the genius and creativity of the weavers in making tissue from silk mixed with gold and silver, from the late sixteenth century to today.

These precious fabrics were realised first for beautiful clothes, furnishings and ceremonial pomp of the courts of Europe. The Visitation offered them a second life by making clothes sacred. They have preserved the light and the test of time.

“Sacrées Soiries ” invites you in the finest closets of XVII and XVIII century, now extinct. You will be able to enter in the sacristy of a Visitation monastery, where no one was autorised to penetrate for centuries execpt of the nun in charge that precious treasure